To Educate and Elevate


Education takes on a primary role among many Irish marching bands. Educating their members means that Irish bands can compete, perform and assemble at a similar level both nationally and internationally. This alone creates a community spirit among Irish marching bands helping them to develop by sharing ideas on success and of course providing an interesting and alternative environment for individuals to learn and progress both musically and socially.

Mullingar Town Band ensures the provision of an all-round education to all its members who participate in the band program. From modelling the Mullingar Town Band on American influences since the 1970s the band has witnessed immense improvements in the running and successes of the organisation.

It is important that our members learn to read music. Beginning musicians commence by learning to play the recorder from Candida Tobin’s method book Wizard’s Way Recorder Colouring Book. The more advanced class commences on brass, woodwind or percussion instruments and begins the method book, Standard of Excellence.

Standard of Excellence is a series of comprehensive band method books for beginner group instrumental tuition which come equipped with accompanying CD’s which students can practice with both in the class and at home. These books are aimed towards teaching students a brief history of music, progressive theory, playing posture, care of the instrument and progressive music lessons both in unison and in group playing through band arrangements. All of this is essential for band students to learn before their upgrade to the senior band.



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