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Front left to right..Front row: Brian Wynne, William Daly, Eugene Daly, John Daly.. and/ Mullingar Brass & Reed Band, St.Patricks Day 1960. 2nd row Jumbo Higgins, Hubee Magee, Louis McCullough, Johnny Darcy, Larry Burgess, Jack Magee, Berney McCormack. 3rd row Anthony Molloy, James Dowd, Danny Murray, Bobby Clarke, Joe Murray, Sean Coyne, Tony Darcy, Frankie Lyons. Hughie Devenney, B/R Dickie Murray, Ritchie McCaffrey, Brendan Nea,Terry Nea, Eamonn Boyle, Sean McCaffrey,Tony Lyons, Olly McCaffrey.

Mullingar Town Band History

The Mullingar Town Band is a midlands based marching and concert band located in the town of Mullingar in the heart of County Westmeath.

The Mullingar Town Band was officially founded in the year 1879 as a Holy Family Confraternity Band however it can trace its roots as far back as the mid 1800s. The local Military Barracks supplied many of the early members who themselves were serving members of the British Regimental bands stationed in Mullingar. Many of the members of these bands settled in the town, married locally and joined the band. The band remained under the auspices of the Confraternity until the 1940’s when it was handed over to a committee who continued under the title of Mullingar Brass and Reed Band. And thus it remained until membership had dwindled to 3 or 4 members in 1957 when the present Director Hubert Magee was asked to take the helm. Hubert was only studying the clarinet for a year or so when landed with the task of holding the band together. In 1979 the centenary was celebrated with a membership of over 100, thus realising the goal of one member for every year of the band’s existence.

The Mullingar Town Band prides itself in its dual role of a marching band – The Celtic Crusaders – and a concert band. Both disciplines have won many top awards in Ireland, Northern Ireland and England. Music education is important to the Mullingar Town Band and therefore all of its members undergo at least one year of music lessons in a junior band class before entrance into the marching element of the band. As well as playing musicians, the band supports a dance corp/colour guard which perform as part of the marching element of the band. The Mullingar Town Band has travelled nationally and internationally – to Europe and the Carolinas in the United States.

Including the junior bands, marching band and colour guard, the concert band and the committee, the Mullingar Town Band have over 200 members involved in the organisation. This number is continually growing. With the band frequently catering for such a wide audience, the repertoire of Mullingar Town Band is very varied – including modern day popular chart music, jazz, blues, classical, traditional, spiritual, country and more.

The Mullingar Town Band strives to continue its role as a leading Irish marching and concert band by constantly updating its repertoire, membership, style and education to its members and audiences.

The Mission Statement of Mullingar Town Band is; To Educate, Elevate and Entertain through the Art of Music.

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