The Colourguard

“Colourguards are, well, “dance” groups who perform during half time at football games… They are, in my way of looking at them, a sophisticated folk art form that flies under the official cultural radar” David Byrne on

The Celtic Crusaders Colourguard evolved from our majorette corps that was introduced to the band by Hubie Magee way back in the 1970’s. These days the batons, pom poms and military style drill have been somewhat replaced with a combination of dance, flags, rifles and any other equipment we can get our hands on!

The main function of the Colourguard is evident from the name, we add the colour to the marching band but as well as this we add an expressive and emotional quality to highlight the different styles of music that the band play. During the winter season we compete in an annual Winterguard (google it, what you find will amaze you!) event which is hosted by the Irish Marching Band Association in the National Basket Ball Arena in Tallaght. This event allows the Colourguard to create a themed show as a separate entity from the band and really show off the skills that you might not necessarily see on parade.

We practice every Sunday at the band hall and are always open to anyone who is interested (both male and female) in being part of our team. Practices can vary in length depending on the time of the year but are always full of energy and fun.

Take a look at some of our recent performances in our photographs!

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