Online Bingo Sessions

Will be announced on our facebook page.


Now you can play bingo in the comfort of your own home – and pass pass the time in a way you will enjoy.

(min age for players is 16)




Nightly Winners - confirm your winnings

Follow this link to claim your bingo winnings on a bingo night.

End of each Month -Collect your "Banked" winnings

To arrange collection of your winnings at end of month – follow this link

Buy Bingo Sheets in advance on mullingartownband.ie


Play Bingo Online or in the Bandhall – its your choice – “the more that play the more we give away”.

You decide if you wish to play in our hall or take part from your own sittingroom on your own or with a group of friends together.

Our Bingo hall fully complies with HSE guidelines and at home you can ensure you comply even with a few friends and family playing together.

 Check out our facebook page for latest information 

 NEXT ONLINE BINGO  :-     Sunday at 7.30pm

 with Jackpot of €1200 in 44 calls.


  Forthcoming Bingo Dates :   Sundays and  Wednesday at 7.30pm .   We paid out over €1600 in prizemoney on Sunday night, The more that play the more we share ” – so do play and help us increase our prizemoney even more …

Mullingar Town Band Bingo is just another safe and positive way to pass the time while confined to home

Please note all players must be 16 year of age or over to play in our Bandhall.

Like so many other voluntary organisations Mullingar Town Band has depended on its bingo as a regular source of income. If you know of another Voluntary Organisation who would like to try Online Bingo – we are happy to share our knowledge with them – We are all in this together  086 3857170.



 – 6 Bingo games all with prizes which is based on number of players

Plus Our Jackpot Game  –  – add a jackpot sheet to your order  and be in for a chance to win our Jackpot

Tickets can be bought online in advance and either emailed or posted to players

Numbers of players per bingo session will be restricted –  due to COVID-19 restriction we are very limited in terms of volunteers to run the Bingo safely and we are strictly in compliance with HSE recommendations.   We will seek to accommodate disappointed players when tickets run out, by having more than one session per week.  

What will it cost you?

You get double sheets for each game – 6 a4 sheets showing 2 games per page. Price is €12 if you download and print yourself or €2 extra to have us print and arrange collection at an authorised retailer outlet in Mullingar.

Single sheets are available @€10 per sheet if sent by email and €2 postage and packing if we post or print and leave for collection.

You can choose to add a Jackpot sheet at €3 or buy 2 jackpot sheets for €5.oo

How much can I win?

Prizemoney is determined before start of session and this depending on number of paying players – there is a 75% payout of ticket sales (excluding postage and packing).  By way of example if there are 40 players at the session – there is  €56 of prizemoney for each game €13,€13 and €30 – if more players, prize fund goes up, if less players prizes reduce proportinately.

( prizes currently averaging for 1 2 and 3 lines €20, €40 and €150.00  with at least one panel every night payng out a bonus €100.( prizemoney is based on number of players on any night).

What restrictions are there?

You must be over 18 to play online and players are restricted to addresses in Ireland.

You purchase your bingo sheets in advance, at Mullingartownband.ie  – numbers are restricted for each session and when sold out they are sold out for that session.

You will be advised of the date and start time of your session and you must connect via facebook live by start time.

Now is a great time for the younger generation to help their mums, dads, grans and grandads play – as these younger people have an instant understanding of social media and can quickly help you play – and play themselves.  Having said that  – there seemed to be very little issues  last night, and the test game at the beginning gave everyone a chance to get comfortable.

to play online You must be comfortable using facebook   Otherwise please do not play. If you play in groups in the one house -then only one player needs to be comfortable using Facebook.  Checks are made on facebok. You can use either a smartphone or combination of smartphone / desktop/laptop

If for any reason you cant be there for the bingo session – there is no refund, nor is there any refund, if your internet, service provider or your technology fails to connect you  or breaks down during the session.

Remember – you can choose to play online or in our Bandhall – but you must purchase online in advance. – do not turn up at our bandhall hoping to get in – as you will be disappointed. 

Full terms and conditions here – please read before purching tickets.

Will you be running more online bingo sessions?

This depends on the demand from you the bingo players – and it depends on how well the technology works –

If we are all happy to go again – we will set up more bingo sessions  – you can keep up to date on whats happening on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bingo.mullingar





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